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Defender ATP: Custom Advanced Hunting

Overview This step-by-step walkthrough is an example of how to configure custom Advanced Hunting in Microsoft Defender ATP using 3 simple steps: Create a reusable queryCreate a custom detection ruleAdd a notification rule 1. Create a reusable query huntingQueryNewType the following query Run queryReview the results to verify “notepad.exe” was foundSaveSave asDetect_Notepad.exe 2. Create…

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How to Install an Enterprise Certificate Authority

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) provides the certificate infrastructure to enable scenarios such as secure wireless networks, virtual private networks, Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Network Access Protection (NAP), encrypting file system (EFS) and smart card logon. This walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions on how to stand-up an Enterprise Subordinate Certificate Authority (CA).

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