AzureDev: Encrypting an Azure VM

Prerequisites An Azure Subscription An Azure Key Vault An Azure Virtual Machine NOTE #1: Only Standard or higher VMs support disk encryption NOTE #2: The VM and Key Vault must be in the same region My Virtual Machine Configuration Image: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Size: Standard B1s (1vcpu, 1GiB memory) OS disk type: Standard SSD […]

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OneDrive Personal Vault

Introduction Released worldwide Q3 2019, Personal Vault is a OneDrive area that is protected by multi-factor authentication. The MFA options supported by Personal Vault include: fingerprint, face, PIN, or a code sent via e-mail or SMS. While it doesn’t appear that Personal Vault offers encryption in the Cloud, your Personal Vault data will be encrypted […]

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Get Stock Data from Quandl via Python

Prerequisites quandl matplotlib An API key from Install prerequisites launch a CMD prompt with the ‘Run as Administrator’ option python -m pip install –upgrade pip pip install quandl pip install matplotlib Helpful PIP Commands pip list pip search <module> pip search quandl Code Output: Chart Output: Data Git

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Git Notes

Clone a Repository git config –global <your-email-address> git config –global <your-email-address> Make sure the destination Git Repository folder does not already exist git clone…/.git Sync Repository git status git add . git commit -m “<description>” git push -u origin master View Remote Branches git remote -v git branch -a -vv Add, name […]

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How to Install the Java Development Kit on Windows 10

Download and install the Java Development Kit Download and install the latest Java Development Kit from: At the time of this writing, I downloaded and installed jdk-13.0.1_windows-x64_bin.exe And accepted all defaults during the installation A reboot was not required Add the Java bin location to the Windows path Control Panel System and Security System […]

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How to Install Docker Engine – Community on CentOS 8

Begin by installing Docker Engine – Community 3:18.09.1-3.el7 sudo dnf install docker-ce-3:18.09.1-3.el7 Start Docker sudo systemctl enable –now docker docker –version Add your account to the Docker user group sudo usermod –aG docker $USER logout/login Install the containerd package sudo dnf install Now install the latest version of docker-ce sudo dnf install docker-ce docker […]

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